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Stephanie has been in optics since 2015 and loves seeing that happy look when she hands patients’ their new eyewear. Her favorite experience so far was on her very first day in optics:

“My boss had me sitting with her while she did a dispense for a young man who had been without glasses for several years. He was just starting college and mom and dad decided it was time to get him some new glasses. My boss handed them to him and he put them on and his whole face lit up, he couldn't stop looking around the room at everything and was repeating over and over again how clear everything was. Previous to this, I had worked in a pharmacy and I can't say anyone ever came in and was excited to pick up their medicine. His reaction to his new glasses completely sold me on working in Optics and I have loved it ever since!”

Stephanie’s biggest accomplishment is being a mom; Having two children and being able to watch them grow while knowing she had a hand in molding them. Her hobbies include crocheting, cooking all types of food and desserts, and binge watching television! She is proudly from the east coast, including Massachusetts, 12 years in Pittsburgh, and two in upstate New York, before moving across the country to Portland.